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100days100icons's Journal

100 icons...100 days...Up to the Challenge?
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1. This is an icon community, which means that the only acceptable graphics for posting here are indeed, icons. Please do not post headers, banners, brushes, textures ect. Or your post will be deleted within 24 hours and you will be warned to follow the community rules.

Similarly, please do not post text only posts to ask questions or leave comments. There is a COMM NEWS post that can be easily accessed through the links in the side bar or through the memories. This is the place to leave your comments, questions, and thoughts.

2. If you do have a question, please consult the FAQ first as the answer may already be there. This makes life a ton easier for both you and the mods because you dont have to wait for your answer and the mods don't have to tell you to check the FAQ :)

If the answer to your question is not in the FAQ, please comment with it under the COMM NEWS or the FAQ post itself.

3. The COMM NEWS is updated at about twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th to be specific but it can be more often if it is neccessary, less if there are no major issues to be addresed). Please check it frequently, (once a week or so) as there can be important announcements / rule changes that you may miss otherwise

4. Icon theivery is a big no-no as you probably know by now...if you are caught using stolen icons, your posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the comm immediately.

If you know for a fact that someone is posting stolen icons in their challenge, please alert the mods via the comm email days100_icons100@hotmail.com so that the matter can be dealt with.

5. When using resources that are not your own, please respect the maker's wishes as far as editability and crediting requirements go.

Much like stolen icons if you are caught using stolen textures/patterns/stock photos and claming them as your own, you will be banned.

6. All posts must be made FRIENDS ONLY. This is to protect your icons from getting yoinked and redistributed by people without your approval.

7. If you would like to post preview batches of icons, that's perfectly fine but please make your spoilers no more than three icons, the rest must be put under the cut so as to not interfere with peoples friends lists.

8. Icons that portray material that is not suitable for all environments (sex, drugs, ect) must ALL be under the cut. In addition to this there must be a warning in the post that the icons about to be viewed are not safe for school or work

9. If you take on more than one challenge at once, please seperate your preview batches into different posts for each claim. This is just to make them easier to catologue under the memories section. It makes life a lot easier for everyone :)

10. Be respectful to the other comm members at all times.

If you have an issue with another member within the confines of the comm, let the mods know and the member will be dealt with.

If someone is bothering you at your personal journal, take the issue to the LJ abuse staff as they will be able to deal with it better.

*Rules are always subject to change, but you will be made well aware if and when a change occurs.

About the Challenge

1. Before you begin making icons make sure you check the claims list (the link is in the side bar and you can also find it in the memories) to make sure that the subject you want to make your icons from has not already been claimed by another user.

If your subject has already been claimed, you have to wait until that particular challenge period is over to claim it. You may NOT claim the same thing twice in a row, there must be at least one challenge period passed before you can claim the subject again.

2. If your subject has already been claimed, there is always flexiblity. For example if you wanted to claim a television show in general, but it has been claimed...you can still claim a character, a ship/pairing, all the female characters, all the male characters, or even one single epiosode (though that would be hard) to make your icons of.

3. You are permitted to choose any topic/genre, and use any effects/stocks ect you like...your icons can even be all text icons if you like.

You are not permitted to post icons that promote hate, such as racism, homophobia, regligious intolerance ect. in any way shape or form

4. To submit your completed challenge please follow the brief guidelines below:

- either download an icon table (you can find a link to a generator in the comm links) or make your own to arrange your icons on before submission

- if you have posted ALL of your icons already, comment under the wall of fame post to have your name and link added to the list, recieve you banner, and be entered into the certificate pool.

if you have not posted all of your icons, you must first do so before taking the above steps.

- All challenges must be submitted by no later than midnight on the day they are due.

5. You are more than welcome to take on more than one challenge at a time, but keep in mind the timeframe does not get extended, you still only have 100 days to complete your challenge.

6. Once you have completed your challenge, your name and link to your site will be added to the wall of fame post within a day or so...you will recieve your banner and the mods will decide on a winner for the gift certificate for that particular time period.

Deciding factors for the winner include but are not limited to:

- timeliness of your submission
- consistancy (meaning does the second half of your submission look way more rushed than the first half)
- and over all style

Mods are permitted to enter the challenge but they cannot win the certificate.

7. Once you have completed your challenge feel free to do it all over again!!!

Until further notice our bi-monthly challenge is not running due to lack of interest

Sample Banners

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



Buttons, Blinkies, and Banners

You're not required to promote us anywhere but please put a promotional item in your user info after joining :) smaller buttons and blinkies are being worked on at present and will be available soon

100 days 100 icons at livejournal100 days 100 icons at live journal

100 days 100 icons at livejournal

*credit for these banners can be found at tynyxicons

100days100icons is modterated by:

tyger_fied, unspell and funsized

all can be reached at:


memories mods:

tamswitter and atomic89